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- Credit Cards (VISA、MasterCard、JCB)

- Paypal (Payment method The following payment methods are supported in the world: - Credit Cards (VISA、MasterCard、JCB) - Paypal )



How do I use a coupon to pay?

At the bottom of the "Submit order" page, you can choose to use a coupon. If you use a coupon, please enter the coupon number or choose a verified coupon.


How to determine whether the online payment was successful?

Usually, the “Payment method “page will apper tips of "Pay successfully" after you pay successfully, if you do not see the payment results at that time, you can also query the transaction details through the bank's website, or call the bank's customer service. You can also log in Firefly account to query “My order”.


How to do when order is paid but shows not paid?

Third-party payment platform or bank may delay the confirmation, resulting in official store to delay updating the payment status, it is recommended to view the payment status later. If paid successfully, please send the relevant proof of payment to the customer service to verify. Contact information is as follows:


Online consultation: "Online consultation" button is in the lower right corner


What causes the payment to be unsuccessful?

1) Some banks limit the payment amount, such as the limit payment amount can not exceed 1500, more than 1500 orders can not be paid successfully, you can contact the card-issuing bank for more information;

2) Quick payment abnormalities may be your account bound bank card expired or you change a new card which is not to rebind, please follow the system prompts to view the specific reasons and try again.

How to re-select the payment method?

First: Log in your Firefly account

Second: Go to[My order], select the order you want to repay, click the "Pay now" button, and choose again.