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How to buy?

1)    Select items, add to cart

2)    Pay now

3)    Fill in the receipt information and payment information, then submit the order

4)    Follow the instructions on the page to make a payment


How to query the status of orders?

1) Login and click "My orders"

2) Select the order, click "View details"


How to modify orders?

After the order is submitted (before shipment), you need to provide a valid proof (Firefly account, product information, recipient information and proof of payment, etc.), the customer service will modify the recipient information and receiving address for you. But the number of products, types, colors can not be modified. If you need to modify the purchased item, please cancel the order and re-order.


How to cancel orders?

1)    If the order has not been paid yet, you can log in Firefly account. On the My Orders page, go to "Order details" and click “Cancel”

2)    If your order has been paid successfully (has not shipped), please contact customer service to cancel.



When will return coupon or bulb after order cancellation?

About unpaid orders, it will return coupon or bulb after buyer or customer service cancel the orders.

When orders have been paid, it will return coupon or bulb after the money has returned , about 2-3 working days.